About Us


The Founder

Twin Geckos Technology Services LLC was founded in 2003 by the owner and founder JD Austin.  The formal process of creating a legal business began when JD was laid off from his job after the 9/11 attack.  The goal was to create a profitable win-win type of business where other businesses could save money and have complete freedom by using open technologies.   It irked JD to see how businesses were being ripped off by being overcharged for shoddy services.  Beyond that Twin Geckos was meant to be the engine to support a Big Hairy Audacious Goal which would eventually turn into a Social entrepreneurship that funnels money into helping people that society typically throws away.

Originally, Twin Geckos had two owners.  The other owner, Michael Anderson, suggested the name after hearing JD talk about geckos.  Since JD and Mike had a similar appearance, Twin Geckos fit nicely.  With his new baby, Rowan, and other obligations it was soon obvious that Mike didn't have the time needed to run a business.  Rather than hinder Twin Geckos' progress, Mike signed over his share of the business.



Our Philosophy

We're a small business that offers high quality services with a personal touch.  Our goal is to help you tackle the technology challenges and provide a valuable resource for your staff. We believe that for your business to be successful, it should be an integral part of your business and we have the experience to help you do that!   We make working with Twin Geckos painless and affordable.

Gecko Face

Why the name "Twin Geckos"?

Many people ask us about the origin of our name.  It began with JD's fascination with geckos.  Geckos are fascinating in how they can walk upside down, on glass, and on just about anything. They stalk insects with the patience and stealth of a ninja and are just amazing creatures to watch!  They're cute little buggers too!  Geckos use intermolecular attractions, known as van
der Waals forces
, to climb walls.  They take advantage of these normally weak forces by maximizing the surface area between their feet and the wall. Their feet have millions of microscopic hairs, each of which splits off into hundreds of tips just nanometres across. The increased area of contact makes the intermolecular attractions between hair and wall significant enough to support the gecko. So cool!

Original Logo

Who did your logo?

JD Austin drew the logo, and it appears today almost exactly as originally drawn.  Originally, the black gecko had green eyes. We changed it to white because there wasn't enough contrast when viewed small enough to put on our business cards.